Who can resist running their hand over the threads of a brightly colored Christmas napkin? or hand crafted napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table, or a dog toy whittled by hand.  How much more precious is a delicate piece of handcrafted jewelry as opposed to mass-produced trinkets?

The heart of HomeMade in America is OUR DIRECTORY, a listing of skilled crafts (wo)men who are producing fine-quality products and services, usually from their home.

The idea of a Cottage Industry (also called the Domestic System) originated in America before factories took us into the Industrial Revolution.

In the 18th century, the American common people worked the land for rich aristocrats who provided few opportunities to make a decent living and spent most of their time playing musical instruments like the piano.  Producing and selling homemade wares became the saving grace for many families.

While a difficult way of life, the process of the Cottage Industry involved the entire family.  While working hand-in-hand, children and parents developed personal skills and talents that might have gone undiscovered in today’s mass produced markets.

From a school counselor’s perspective, it is my contention that families of that era were developing much more than saleable products to sustain life.  What do you think?

The HomeMade in America website is dedicated to Entrepreneurial Spirited Individuals who work from home offices, basements, and garage workshops to produce unique crafts and products.  Please browse OUR DIRECTORY, a testament to the fact that America is blessed with skilled artisans.

...handmade baskets...For 12 years, HomeMade in America has served as a “One Stop Shopping” website for homemade products.  The site is easy to use, whether shopping by state or craft catagory.  I would love to hear from you at info@homemadeinamerica.com with ideas for making your shopping easier.

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