Words of Support

Name: Russ and Maureen Miller of Vancouver,  B.C.
Telephone: 604-576-2512
Email: russmiller@shaw.ca
Comments: Hello Nancy, Thank you for the wonderful site. You are an inspiration. I read your story and thought ‘We need something like this in Canada. You have accomplished my dream, and seeing this web page has made me realize I want to do this in my country. Thank you very much, and I wish you every success. I’d be honoured if you added my comments to your support page.  I don’t know how or if any of this will provide us any sort of income either, but it’s something that has to be done.  You’ve given me a direction and a goal to aim for.  I myself learned to knit, sew, make soap in my kitchen, chart pattern designs from photographs, and more all because I want things that look nice, fit well and last for years without causing allergies or illness like so many of the products imported into this country are doing now.  But I had no direction.  And there are so many here just like me.  You’re right in saying your example has become my mission, and it’s your site that inspired this mission.  I think you were sent by God for this purpose!

Carolyn Smith Wacky Magnets.com
“Hi Nancy
Greetings of a New Year!
I have been so resistant to put a personal photo of myself on my web page for over 2 years. Finally a few weeks ago, I did just that and the response has been wonderful as has the link to your site for the past 2 years..

The photo is of me at an ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW & SALE at the Huntington Hilton Hotel in Melville, New York showcasing my wacky magnets. The photo appears on my ABOUT US! page.

And thank you Nancy for all you do for crafters in America. I proudly announce on all my products and marketing materials MADE and ASSEMBLED in USA.

For every woman that knits a sweater, hand hooks a rug, sculptures a piece, weaves a pattern, makes a candle and on and on, we are the driving economy for many a neighborhood, town, city, region. We not only rock the cradle we make them.

Thank you
Keep on believing
I love your personal stories”

Tammy Kelly
“We would love to be listed on your site, www.homemadeinamerica.com. Your site is friendly, upbeat, and we love your border of flags. We would also be proud to link to your site. Please e-mail me with your link text. Your quotations are wonderful and we would also like to possibly include them in our future newsletters. Please e-mail me with permission to do so.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day!”

Ben Hunter
“I think the work you are doing for the “Cottage Industry” is a great and worthwhile endeavor. I have never heard the moniker “Cottage Industry” before. I am more familiar with the “Arts & Crafts Movement in early 20th Century America”. Sounds like we are speaking the same language. I’m so glad for folks like yourself, that value the American family artisan.”

Mary Pruismann Classic Country Art
“Hi………I loved your site and stumbled on it by accident..I didn’t know there were so many crafters here in Iowa..I have been painting and creating STUFF forever..and I would like to have a link to your website as it’s so inspiring..I would like to add that I’ve only had a website for a few months and I’m still learning about this vast world called the internet..
Thank you and keep up the lovely work..”

Deb May Country Quilts ‘n More.
“Thank you for linking up to my web site; what a wonderful surprise! Your site is delightful to read through. I am a Nanna who is trying to make my quilting business work out of our home, as I get to care for one of my grandsons on a regular basis and now they are expecting another baby in Feb. 2006. When Kolin was born, they lived 500 miles away, but moved back to Montana so we could be involved with raising him. Our other grandson, Ben, lives only 6 miles away, so we are very fortunate grandparents to have our families so close. I was raised in a large extended family and know the importance of aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as grandparents in our lives. God has richly blessed us with family and friends!

I also have some health issues that make working a regular 9 to 5 job impossible for me, but designing quilts and patterns at home, allows me to work when I feel well, and to also be available for our kids. Designing quilts, and making them, is very therapeutic for chronic health problems. You forget your aches and pains when you get lost in the design process, as well as creating heirlooms for others to cherish.

My business has taken a little unplanned side track in the past year. When someone looses a loved one, and wishes to preserve memories of them, I have found it very satisfying to create individualized quilts with their clothing. When good quality photos are available, they can be transferred by computer, onto fabric and integrated into those quilts also. They end up being a very tactile and visual memory of the one who passed away, and are as individual as that person was.

Nancy, thank you for your caring attitude to Cottage Industries in America. I don’t know if anyone has found my site through yours yet or not, but I will let you know when I do!”
Sandy Wood Samiam Creations
“What a neat Site you have!! 🙂 Thank you for considering me :)”

Robin Lewis, wife of Duke, DukesDoodles writes:
“My husband, Duke, and I fit your profile to a “T”. He has been “doodling” since he was a child but never showed his work. About a year ago we decided to take a chance on his art. It has been scary to say the least as both of us quit our outside jobs to pursue this”.

Amy Nicholson, of Atlanta, Georgia (no longer has a site) writes:
” I just stumbled upon you site this morning, and I thoroughly enjoyed going through some of the Artists!”

**Darla Stanton, of Coldwater, Michigan writes: “A couple of months ago I came upon your site through a search engine on handmade crafts. “I am a crafter of course! I came back to visit, to see what was added, and am truly impressed be the God given talent that is among us! I think of the same thing when I go to an art and craft show… Not about what is being sold, but the true beauty that is put into the making of the craft that is being sold. It’s time…it’s heart and soul…it’s taking care of family and home and chores while the craft is being made. It’s desire and dedication! That is what I feel about my craft. I draw…which I know is God given, since I have only had one art class in my life. I am still learning, and loving every mistake and minute of it. If nothing else, it’s just pure enjoyment sitting down in the early morning hours or late at night while my kids are sleeping, and seeing color and lines go onto paper! That is something that I will be able to leave behind to my children long after I am gone. A part of me that they know I truly enjoyed and loved! Please keep up the good work for all of us out here who need other’s to be reminded that sometimes one quality piece that is made by hand, is something much better than a thousand pieces made on an assembly line”!

Pamela Branch, who happens to be Jerry Vale’s daughter, Empire Celebrations writes:
“What a pleasure to find your site…. seeing that ‘handmade in America’ still means something to people. Also, I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old and appreciate your support of new moms choosing to work out of their homes to be with their children. I feel very fortunate to be able to be with him everyday”!

Geraldine Knock-Paul Frakturfolk.com writes:
“Hello, I have just discovered your wonderful site, and would like to be a link partner under Art in Fabric”.

Jan Coffey Coffeyhouse Collection writes:
“A friend just forwarded your web site to me……it’s wonderful!!! I have just skimmed through a little of it….and the site links are the best!!! Just wanted to tell you what a great job you have done”.

Jeannette Powers of Enterprise, Oregon writes: “I love your website. I especially liked what you wrote from ‘Today’s Pen’. I have always been a stay at home mom. I am an artist of sorts and thinking about developing my own website. You are right about the homemade things. There is more to giving a gift than running to Wal-mart”.

Missy Strong Country Passion writes:
“I was glad to have found your site and how you support fellow crafters working from home”.

Allison Keech Happy Home Designs writes:
“I think what you’ve done is fantastic – creating a “portal” for other cottage crafters like ourselves. Thank you from me for doing that”.

**Shannon Meier Meiers Morsels writes:
“I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful kids…I own a home-based business and wondering if you would like to add me to your ‘Food’ category”?

Rochelle Beach Cinnaminnies and I have corresponded several times and it is very evident she is “upbeat”, the kind we all need in our lives. She writes:

“One afternoon I heard a knock at my front door. To my surprise it was my maillady….she said ‘I just have to ask you a question, what type of potpourri are you using, it smells so good…I can smell it up and down the street and I would love to have it in my home”. I invited her in and showed her all of my Cinnamon dolls and ornaments that I was making. I was explaining to her how sturdy our dolls and ornaments are and just to show her I picked up a very large 30″ potpourri doll…. imagine the look on both our faces when all I could hand her was the dolls head”!

Megan Fairfield Seattle Fishing writes:
“We have found your great quality website site, Home Made In America, http://www.homemadeinamerica.com and feel it would be a great resource for our visitors, and would like to trade links with you.”

Cathryn Peters Wicker Woman writes:
“Nancy, I really like your site and what you are doing for the crafting community in general.”

**Tracy Rainier Soap Works
“Hi Nancy!
I sure am a SAHM, running my business from home as well and homeschooling EIGHT children – 7 sons and 1 girl at the end!! 🙂 I appreciate the ** !”

**Emily Keaton Sew Sweet Bags
“Hi Nancy, Recently I’ve been getting some traffic to my website (Sew Sweet Bags) directed from your lovely website. Thanks so much for including me in your directory!!

Also, I thought you might be interested to know that I, too, run my home-based business around my two wonderful children (ages 3 and 7)! It’s nice to see that you give such nice recognition to those of us who find ways to make a living at the same time as being there for our kids.Thanks so much for maintaining such a great service to we who run cottage industries!!”