As an elementary school counselor, I deal daily with youngsters who are struggling with division in their homes.  Family unity and growth doesn’t just happen automatically.  Cohesive family relationships require much forethought and sacrifice on the part of parents.

Everyone has heard the buzzword “quality” as compared to “quantity” regarding time spent with family members, especially when speaking of the rearing of children.  Could this be our rationalization for spending our time on less important activities that do not contribute to family unity?  Just a thought.  Maybe it should be our goal to provide BOTH quality and quantity time with our loved ones.  After 28 years of daily interaction with youngsters, I can assure you that children are sponges for attention from their loving caretakers.

Family unit for Homemadeinamerica.comAs parents and grandparents, we need to become proactively creative in planning family activities.  For instance, we could set aside one night of each week for family fun.  Rather than television or a movie, we could make pizza, go through photo albums, play games, or go for a walk.

The time spent together would bond the individuals, and thus, the family unit.  The verbal exchanges during the activity will help the individuals to feel capable, valuable, and supported.  More importantly, the time spent together will let family members know they are loved.

Whether you have an intact family, a blended family, or are a single parent, HomeMade in America wants to applaud you and recognize your actions and ideas that contribute to a positive home environment.  Please send a photo and/or short description of your bonding family activity(s) to  Without a doubt, your efforts will be an inspiration to others.