Sunny Anderson Recipes

BBQ Brisket and squash Pie
Prior to Sunny’s visit, Mike from Marietta, Okla, had never given his BBQ brisket recipe to another living soul but hints that it is due to his Weber barbeque smoker!

Boasting wins at over 1,000 cooking competitions, it is little wonder he wanted to keep it close to his chest along with his metal detector weekends away. On her trip, Sunny also visited the kitchen of her grandmother in Fayetville, N.C. Sunny’s favorite pie of all time is Grandmother Williams’ squash pie and now, finally, Sunny has the recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna and Four-Layer Cheesecake
Firefighters from River Grove, Illinois, and far beyond adore the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna served at David’s Firehouse. Sunny gets the coveted recipe during a visit. Next, Sunny heads for Queens, N.Y., to meet Jeneen.

The singer turned baker has sold her four-layer cheesecake at gigs all around New York in an effort to raise money for her first singing album. The cheesecake is so good that she has had massive success with her sales and is well on her way to producing the album.

Buffalo Wings and Cupcakes
Sunny takes a trip to Bellingham, Mass, with the purpose of meeting Steve. The talk of the town is his buffalo wing sauce and his backyard is a hive of activity when he hosts one of his regular parties and serves this dish. For the first time ever, he is revealing his recipe and Sunny is the lucky recipient of this information.

Next, Sunny sets off to meet Carmen in Brooklyn. Her specialty dishes are Italian and Latin flavoured cupcakes that she creates in her own bakery, Brooklyn Cupcakes.

Her two best sellers are the flan cupcake and the tres leches cupcake. Sunny is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn how to create both.

Pierogi and Waffles
Kathleen from Connecticut is famed for her homemade pierogi recipe; a recipe passed down from her grandmother. Sunny heads to the family farm to learn more about this dish and also Kathleen’s vegetarian chilli.

After filling up on Kathleen’s treats, Sunny heads for Chicago to visit the owner of Babycakes Food Truck, Leah. It is the only specialized waffle makers that are carried in a truck in the whole of America. Leah tells Sunny all about her top-selling dishes, including strawberry margarita, rainbow silver dollar pancakes and sausage apple pancakes.

Tailgate Sliders and Granola
As part of her search for dishes that are home made in America, Sunny visits Mary in Croton Falls, N.Y., to try her amazing homemade granola recipe.

It is so good that Mary has set up her own business selling the granolas, Lola Granola, and has even gained a contract with a top national retailer. Norman, Oklahoma, is the next stop for Sunny on her travels.

Here she is meeting Caryn who has a fantastic recipe for sassy tailgate sliders that she serves root beer pulled pork sandwiches. She serves both dishes from her food truck to the residents of the town.

Swordfish and Arancini
During a trip to Somers, N.Y., Sunny visits Lucille who makes mouth-watering swordfish balls. It is a family recipe that has been passed from one generation to the next for the last 100 years.

It has become a family tradition to feast on this tasty dish. The next stage of Sunny’s travels lead her to Brooklyn to get the family recipe for arancini al ragu from Dave, the owner of Arancini Brothers.

He perfected this delicious rice ball dish when he was in Sicily. Whilst there, Sunny also manages to get Dave to reveal another one of his unique recipes, the bianco rosso verde arancini.